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Terry McGinnis ([personal profile] battothefuture) wrote2010-12-01 09:13 pm

This suit can do everything

  • Synaptic controls, which quickens response time and saves all those messy buttons and switches and stuff.
  • Lenses/goggles/what have you that have an automatic information gathering system, analysis system, targeting system, and a whole bunch of different filters for light all through the electromagnetic spectrum - UV, infrared, photo, night, heat, etc etc - as well as being able to function as digital binoculars. The problem with these is that everything is done electronically these days, so if the power source or they themselves are disrupted, the user is left effectively blind.
  • The red 'cape' is a collapsible pair of glider wings that are hidden so effectively when stored as to be invisible. These can apparently be attached or detached from the arms.
  • The boots are equipped with thrusters that allows the user to get some altitude, fly when there is no wind, or deliver some real power to a kick in extreme cases.
  • The material will, at least to an extent, conform perfectly to the body of the current user
  • The fabric is extremely tough (though the outer layer has been occasionally ripped, which leaves the circuitry below exposed) but does not appear to reduce the flexibility, dexterity, or speed of the user.
  • It is equipped with muscular enhancement technology that enhances the user's strength by a factor of at least 10
  • There is a built-in re-breather that allows the user to remain underwater or in other inhospitable environments for extended periods of time. Actually there are three built in re-breathers. Don't ask me why. Bruce built it.
  • There is a 2-way audio/video link with the Batcave and Batmobile.
  • A built in tracer that can be located from the Batcave or Batmobile.
  • Pads on the feet can be magnetically charged, allowing the user to cling to metal surfaces even when upside down or sideways
  • A cloaking device that renders the suit and its user invisible to the naked eye. However, it cannot filter out ultraviolet light, and will become visible if hunted for with a UV spotlight.
  • There are grappling hooks in the forearms that can be shot somehow.
  • Retractable very, very hard claws on the fingertips that can be used to slice into objects or grip smooth objects - they've carved through steel and cement.
  • It can, if necessary, be used as a telephone.
  • It is waterproof.
  • There is an uplink to the Batmobile for remote piloting
  • A speaker on the wrist makes it capable of playing back audio that he has recorded.

  • Lots and LOTS of dispensable Baterangs which, when inactive, are compact enough to be invisible. However, there are a finite number of these (at least of the specialty Baterangs), and it is possible to run out. The suit appears to utilize the metal-morphing technology of Batwoman to... create its own standard issue baterangs though soooo...
  • Disks similar to Baterangs can be shot from the tops of the hands.
  • Extendable/retractable forearm spikes can function like knives, and are sharp and strong enough to cut through metal.
  • The wrist is equipped with a laser shooter capable of melting metal.

  • A device on the belt can be used to electronically charge the suit to repel close attackers. As a note: This feature can be limited to the hands, so it can be used offensively as well as defensively if necessary.
  • There is a remote 'kill' switch in the Batcave that freezes the suit, in case the wrong person gets in it.
  • It is resistant to massive concussive forces (hand grenades at close range, blows from freakin' Superman, Terry's just fine after he's been used to knock down walls, etc), fire, lasers (at close range), electric shocks, water pressure, wind force, explosions, and low levels of radiation.
  • Similarly, it is equipped with enhanced ballistic protection and is apparently bulletproof against small-caliber weapons.

  • There are directional microphones in the fingertips which allow the user to hear and record audio through walls/windows or at a distance.
  • The suit is equipped with launchable tracers.
  • The right index finger has a retractable password decipherer in the form of a key/prong.
  • The fingers can analyze most substances they are dipped into.
  • It is equipped with frequency scanners both for radio and video.
  • There are sensors built into the palms that can function as a polygraph.
  • If necessary, audio recordings can be copied onto removable microchips stored in the wrists.

  • The Baterangs in general are extremely sharp and return to the hand if they aren't destroyed before then and are thrown to do so.
  • The Baterangs are collapsible, and can either go very small or up to full size and shape very quickly and with no apparent loss of structural integrity.
  • Auxiliary Baterang functions include everything from electric shock to explosion to exploding into titanium mummy bandages that bind upon contact.
  • A apparent cousin of the Baterang is the Bat-grapple, because one kind of grappling hook just isn't enough these days. The grappling hooks are generally used to punch through surfaces; the Bat-grapples are used to tie things up or tie around them. Similarly, he uses a device that looks like a double-ended bat-grapple and that functions like bolas.

    The utility belt of plot device "carries all of the gadgets Terry needs." Here are some of the things that have shown up:
  • Flashbang grenades [Stun grenades]
  • Smoke pellets
  • Flexicuffs
  • Explosive charges
  • Hand held frequency scanner to locate hot receivers
  • Tranquilizer darts that don't need a gun to be used
  • A hand held buzz saw (on the buckle)
  • A decoding device for electronic locks (on the buckle)
  • Bolas (in any case, they are used and they come from SOMEWHERE)
  • Standard surveillance bugs
  • Standard explosives (without linked detonator)
  • Flash pellets that can double as a flame retardant
  • Knockout gas pellets
  • Geiger counter
  • Old fashioned grappling gun
  • Portable scanner for detective work
  • A largish sort of bag
  • A handheld recorder
  • A handheld welding tool
  • Retractable tweezers
  • A handheld communicator
  • In addition, the belt is used to activate other suit capabilities - for example, the electric defensive/offensive system and the cameo setting. Terry has also, in a flash of inspiration that seemed to come from there being nothing else he could do, used his utility belt in combination with a grappling hook to electrocute a foe.

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