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I. AM. Batman!

don't they know the night's *mine*?

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Name:Terry McGinnis
Birthdate:Aug 19
Location:Gotham City, United States of America
Why is this in my profile? I have no idea why this is in my profile.

[personal profile] battothefuture is a roleplaying journal created and maintained by [personal profile] emeralddarkness. Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wayne, Batman, Batman Beyond and all related thingies, including all official art used in the icons, belongs to DC and WB; no infringement is intended.

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abusing physics endlessly, ace the batdog, banter, batarangs, batman beyond, being witty, biology, breaking physics, bruce wayne, chemistry, dana tan, defying physics, freestyle running, gotham, gymnastics, martial arts, more talking, no batman here, not breaking up, parkour, passing school please, research, secret identities, snark, street fighting, talking, the batmobile, the tomorrow knight, training forever
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